What Clients Say


“Wes keeps up on the latest and has the technical know how for sure but more importantly the best set of ears! He’s got perfect pitch, knows timing, gets tones and has always had a solution for my recording dilemmas! I’ve been recording at Polysound for over a decade. I’ve been to other studios but always come back to Polysound, that rivals big studios!” – John McElroy, singer & guitarist from Port Charlotte, FL

“Wes is great!! The past 2 bands (New Crash Position and Devil Made Microphones) I recorded at Polysound has been a breeze…always been easy and very fun to work with and knows how to make my drums sound fantastic. Thank you Wes!” – GJ Gosman, drummer from Sarasota, FL

“Wes Price is one of my favorite engineers and people to work with. He cares for the Artist and listens to the artist, And has one of the best set of ears in the business. Wes Price is Polysound” – Bobby Roman, worship leader & songwriter from Houston, TX

“Working with Wes at Polysound is an excellent experience. Not only does he have a flawless ear for pitch and tempo, but his relaxed demeanor makes the most grueling of sessions a breeze. I have brought him multiple projects since 2002 and for the money, you can’t get a better product.” – Ivan Pena, singer & bass player from Clearwater, FL

“We’ve been recording at Polysound for over ten years, it has really become part of the band. It’s a perfect mix of high-end equipment and a laid-back environment. The engineer, Wes, always has great ideas for an extra drum fill, guitar riff or harmony part.” – Dustin White, singer and guitarist for “The Muphin Chuckrs” from Palmetto, FL