Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Polysound located?
The studio is in Brandon, Florida, 3 miles east of Brandon Mall, near the intersection of Hwy 60 and Kingsway Road.

How do I visit Wes on TWITTER ??

How do I contact the studio if I need further info? (block rates/booking/etc.)

E-mail is the fastest way to get ahold of me ( or, but you can also phone me at 813.230.2240. Even if you just have questions about recording studios in general, call me and I’ll be happy to explain “the process.”

What kind of music styles do PolySound specialize in?

Most projects recorded here are guitar-based pop and modern rock (some country/western..), as well as demo’s for school tryouts and talent showcases.

How many tracks do I have available to record on for each song?
60 tracks of 24-bit digital audio, but the system also allows for real-time effects to be running along with your tracks, and real-time effects (plug-in’s..) can really tax your system’s performance (specifically, RAM and CPU speed..) PolySound runs a MAC Apple MacPro Intel Dual 2.66 Ghz with 2 gigs of RAM and 2 terabytes of harddrives specifically designed for the rigors of audio recording/editing

How will we hear ourselves during recording?
You can have up to 4 independent mixes into 6 pairs of headphones. You can also record in the control room in front of the main speakers if you like..(most guitar, bass, and keyboard overdubs are done with the artist in the control room and their speaker cabinets in an isolation booth).

How much input do we have into the producing/mixing of our tunes?
As much or as little as you want. Since I am also a musician and play many instruments, I will probably suggest ideas along the way, but the final decision is always left to the artists. Most groups that work here have had little studio experience, so most are open to a little friendly advice to help shape their sound. I am a musician, too, so I’m in your corner! Mixdowns are automated..(you play the song, move faders, rewind, and play again; the faders will now move on their own). You can then move other faders and the computer will remember those moves, too. Rinse, repeat until you’re happy! This allows you to complete a mix of a song, take it home, and if you’re not happy with the mix 3 days later, no problem..just schedule some time and come in and we put the mix back up on the system (exactly as it sounded the previous session), fix it, and reprint it to CD

If we have a website, can we put a link to our site on your site?
Absolutely. Just e-mail me with your address and a description of your group’s style/description and I’ll put it up. Also feel free to use the “shout-outs” page to post messages about upcoming shows, etc.

Are groups charged for set-up time?
A set-up fee is waived the first time your group comes into the studio. The studio reserves the right to bill the client 1 hour for any additional set-up’s for that project. For instance, if your group wants to record a full-length album, but can only record a couple of the songs at a time, this will require many setups of all the band’s gear (drums/bass/guitar amps/headphone mixes, etc) I encourage groups to record basic tracks for as many of the album’s songs early in the project, and then we can finish work on only a few songs at a time and save the rest for later. Trust me, this method saves a lot of time in the long-run for everyone!

Can I pay for studio time with a credit/debit card or a check?
Yes! The studio accepts Visa/MasterCard, debit cards, cash, and personal checks. If paying by check, the studio will have to withhold final mixes / master copies until your check clears the bank.

Can we drink and smoke while we record?
You are free to smoke outside. If you drink, the drinking age WILL be enforced. If you become too intoxicated to work, I have the right to “call it a night,” so be cool!

Can I make/recieve phone calls while at the studio?
Sure. Long-distance calls are ok, and should be made on an emergency basis only.

If I have to cancel an appointment, how do I handle this?
Very Good Question! You should call the studio at least 2 days before your appointment, in order that the time can be offered to someone else. If you don’t, the studio reserves the right to require a $100 deposit be paid BEFORE any more studio time is booked. The deposit can be brought or sent to the studio (call for mailing address). You could also call in a payment via mastercard/visa (the studio accepts credit cards..)

Where are most of the groups that work at the studio from?
Polysound sees many clients from Tampa, Brandon, Clearwater, St Pete, Sarasota, New Port Richey, Lakeland, a few from So Fla, Orlando and Nashville. Thanks to the internet, word about the studio reaches far into the southeast region of the US. If you are an out-of-town group, and are in need of a quality recording studio, you should consider a vacation in the Tampa, FL area. The studio can arrange for accomodations / shuttle to and from hotels, etc. and is located approximately 45 minutes from the Gulf Coast beaches. Just email the studio for details.

If we record at a different studio, and want to finish it at Polysound, what do we need to do?
Occasionally bands will bring in tracks recorded at another studio. At that point we put your tracks into our system and either continue to work on them, or just mix. Polysound accepts tracks on either the Alesis ADAT or Alesis HD24 tape format or as WAV, AIFF, or SDII files on mac-readable CDROM / DVD-ROMs. Transferring in tracks from programs like ProTools, Cubase, Cakewalk, or Logic is very easy, and one call to the studio will help you decide the best way to facilitate this. And if necessary, you can take your multitracks out the same way, either ADAT/HD24 or CD-ROM/DVD-ROM.

How and where are my recordings stored / archived?
Since this a workstation-based studio, your music is stored on a hard-drive. At the end of a project, (for instance a band that comes in and records/mixes 6 songs) your files will be archived onto DVD-ROMs. The DVD’s (as well as older-style computer tapes from previous years) are stored off-site and will be stored indefinitely for clients of Polysound at no charge. The client is welcome to take this DVD with them, but most of the studio’s clients opt for us to store them for you. If you ever need to re-visit your tracks at a later date, just call up the studio, schedule a session, and your tracks will be brought back online and be waiting for you when you arrive.

What type of incense do I smell occasionally when at the studio?
It’s called Nag Champa. While attending FullSail, the studios would occasionally be rented out on the weekends to actual rock stars, like Roger McGuin, Stevie Wonder, and Live. If you had a lab in that building on those particular weekends, this beautiful aroma would hit you when you walked down the halls, and I finally asked someone what I smelled, and they told me. Needless to say, it’s been available here ever since. I also hear Puff Daddy won’t work in a studio without it, so there you go.

Do you do live sound/location recording? How about providing us a PA too?
The studio has a really nice indoor/outdoor PA consisting of 4 Carvin 1588 Main Speakers and 2 Carvin 18″ Subs and 4 floor monitor mixes, an amp rack, a 24 channel snake (100 foot) and a Yamaha MG32 board with built-in EQ and EFX, and (2) Alesis HD24 24-track recorders..There is also plenty of mics/cables/mic stands around, so call to check on availability of those..i would bring it to your venue, set it up, run it for you (and any other groups that might be playing the same show) AND record the event “multi-track” for later mixdown in a studio..instant live CD of your group!!… scheduling would be done the same way as studio time and rates can be obtained by calling the studio.